Artist's Statement



Passages is a continuation of my work inspired by materials found while preparing my parents’ home for sale. At first to my chagrin, and later to my benefit, I discovered that my parents had rarely discarded anything. I found boxes and files containing decades of documents, journals, letters, artifacts, photos, books, games and toys. Some of this was new to me, and much forgotten, but it made me progressively more curious, especially about the female members of my family and their journeys. I regret not having asked more questions when I could have heard firsthand accounts. I regret the questions not asked. What was left behind, however, told and hinted at intriguing stories. The newly discovered items, plus family lore, my personal memories, and some imagination guided me in producing these images. I have utilized line drawing, painting, collage, transfer and stencil to convey something of what I have learned, imagined and felt during this exploration. Most of the women depicted in this exhibition are no longer living. My daughter, Amanda, my nieces, Laura, Penny, Leslie and Joanna, and I continue to live out our journeys.

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